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Superhero Hand Gloves for Kids



  • ✊ [ SOFT GRIPS INSIDE FOR LITTLE SUPERHERO’S HANDS ] ✊ The plush stuffed smash gloves have little handles sewed inside that make it easy for little hands to stay onto, so they don’t fall off kid’s hands. Also the padded gloves are still big enough for some adults to comfortably wear. Enjoy the justice vs. evil play fight or boxing with your kids.
  • ✊ [ TODDLER SUPERHERO BOXING FISTS ] ✊ These Superhero Toys are super squishy, comfortable and durable. It feels like your toddler has pillows in his or her hands, so they can punch running around without getting hurt or hurting other children, dogs or cats. Also cuts down the destruction level around the house.
  • ✊ [ SUPERHERO PRETEND PLAY TOY FOR AGE 2+ KIDS ] ✊ If you kid loves punching things and loves Superhero, this is a win-win birthday gift. It’s fun for kids as they are acting out like super heroes, especially when you throw them a superhero-themed birthday party, or decorate their room. It’s a fun gift and a collector’s item of super hero stuff.
  • ✊ [ SUPERHERO TOY HANDS WORKS WELL AS BOXING TRAINING GLOVES ] ✊ They fit both children and adults hand sizes. If you’re a mommy, buy one for your little one and his or her dad, especially for Father’s Day. If you’re a grandparent, buy one for your grand kid and enjoy the boxing with them.
  • ✊ [ 3 SUPERHEROES CHOICES ] ✊ Whether your kids want to be Spiderman, Captain America, Incredible Hulk or even mix them up with friends and family, this is a good way to make laughter and memories.
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Question 1: Does these Superhero hand gloves sound when you smash?

✊ It doesn't make sounds.

Question 2: What age are they intended to fit?

✊ These Superhero hand gloves fits 3-15 years old, it can also fit most adults!

Question 3: Does these Superhero hand gloves come in pairs?

✊ Yes, one for each hand!

Question 4: Are these Superhero hand gloves very soft?

✊ Yes, they are very soft. These smash hand fists boxing gloves are made with premium Lycra cotton fabric and filled with high quality 3D PP polyester cotton, which is a common man-made chemical fiber with good elasticity.

Question 5: Can these Superhero hand gloves be washed in a washing machine?

✊ If it is dirty, we suggest using a clean wet cloth to clean it and then dry it in the sun.



Weight: 500g/Pair
Height: 30 cm (11.8 inch)
Palm width: 18 cm (7.3 inch)
Material: Lycra (Fabric) + 3d PP polyester (Filler)
The Superhero gloves are large and suitable for children and adults.

Delivery: 3 to 4 days

Package Included: 1 Pair of Superhero Boxing Gloves

Choice of Spiderman, Captain America or Incredible Hulk

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Andy Coldwell
Feels like boxing gloves

I gave it to my boy - he loves it and uses it to get my attention - very soft so no problem - Great buy!